Blended and Online Learning Design

BOLD Course and Curriculum Design

The BOLD Lab includes 2 Instructional Designers and a Senior Educational Designer who will assist you in mapping and designing assessments, creating user-friendly Blackboard sites, and in choosing the best tools to communicate your course content.

BOLD New Tools

The BOLD Lab produced models of human heads for anatomy students using a 3D printer. The models are used by students to understand the anatomy of the face. Students can draw muscles, arteries and nerve branches onto their model.

BOLD New Solutions

A lecturer in the Faculty of Law and Business sought a peer assessment tool that would enable students to give anonymous feedback and distribute marks between peers. The tool was designed by The BOLD Lab to work seamlessly within Blackboard. After a successful debut in a law course, the tool has been used in other faculties.

BOLD New views

The BOLD Lab has a camera equipped quadcopter which our Licenced Remote pilot (RePL) uses to capture high angle views for relevant video production projects.

You can view more of our video production work here.

BOLD New Content Creation

The BOLD Lab has three facilties to support do-it-yourself, direct to camera video production for blended and online courses.

Click on the studio you would like to book.

 One Button Studio

Create a direct to camera presentation using autocue and a single button.

 The Control Room

Switch and mix multiple sources including you, your slides, and live drawings/annotations.


Present direct to camera using a light up whiteboard that makes your writing glow.
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