Central Coast Studio

Versatile production space for recording of course content

Book Central Coast Studio

The Central Coast Studio is ready and available for bookings.

The Studio is available to Academic staff who would like to create videos for their course content.

During your session Learning Media Producers coach you remotely to operate the cameras and equipment. If it is your first time using the studio we will confirm what you need to do. If required, we can also edit the footage for your course.

What you can record:

  • Presenting to camera whilst reading your script on a teleprompter screen.
  • Recording your voice whilst talking to or drawings over slides. You can also switch between recording your face or the slides.
  • Recording two people seated in an interview.
  • Standing and presenting to camera. You can choose to drop in a virtual background.
  • Recording a podcast with two to three people.

Contact LDTI for more information.